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Raiser's Edge 7 seems like its going to hang around forever

Quite a lot of the charities I've worked with have used Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge for fundraising. Version 7 was launched in July 2000 and was a client-server Windows database app. At the time it was very compelling, with lots of features tailored to charity fundraising. I remember being impressed by the Query Editor that was built in:   See the little bracket buttons and And/Or buttons in the corner? Users could add filters and then group them with brackets and apply Or operators. Amazing, at the time. But by about 2005 or so it was becomming apparent that web technology was now good enough that a CRUD database application was actually much more useful as a web app. Or even a cloud-delivered web app (by 2005, Salesforce had 20,000 organisations signed up as customers) I remember around the second half of that decade, there were rumours of a web-based Raisers' Edge 8 being developed. It was going to be amazing! And completely customisable! Add you own fields! Black