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Automating Salesforce Data Imports with Powershell

If you're a programmer and you're doing lots of Salesforce Data Imports, at some point you'll get fed up of messing around with Apex Data Loader and CSV files and look for better options. You might be doing incremental migration and so want to re-run and evolve the migration as the target system evolves. Or you might just want to get the migration automated for scheduling reasons. There are various 'integration' systems that could help with this: JitterBit , Pentaho , TalenD , and so on. But if you're fond of writing code you might want to work with something a bit more low-level where you can write specific code to get the exact transformations you want without learning the vagaries of a new integration package. Salesforce has a Bulk Data API so you might be tempted to look at that. But its quite heavy duty, if you try and use it you'll soon have to deal with batches and async callbacks and you'll essentially end up re-creating quite a lot of the