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Remote Desktop on High DPI screens

Scott Hanselman wrote a nice blog post back in January about some of the issues you might face running Windows on a High DPI screen like that of a Surface Pro or Lenova Yoga. I'm kindof mystified that he didn't mention Remote Desktop though because thats been the number one problem for me on High DPI screens. That said, if you remote into very recent Server OS's like Windows Server 2012 R2, then apparently Remote Desktop will sort out the DPI scaling automatically. Perhaps Scott hadn't noticed the Remote Desktop issue because he only remotes into Server 2012 R2. Certainly if I was Scott, I wouldn't remote into anything less than that. But, in practice, I regularly have to remote into Server 2008 machines and yes even Server 2003. If you do that from a high DPI screen, the remote desktop is rendered at regular pixel size, which makes everything tiny. Its hard to show screenshots of High DPI screens that correctly convey the pixel size, so I've photoshoppe

Salesforce User License Transitions

In Salesforce, User License types are tied to Profiles, so to change the User License type of a User, you need to change their Profile. However, only certain types of transitions are allowed: Core Licenses: aka "Salesforce Licences". You can transition users between these six core licenses, but you can't transition from these six to any of the others. That is, you can't convert to Chatter or Community/Portal licenses. Salesforce Salesforce Platform - App Subscription - Free Partner App Subscription Only Chatter Licenses: Chatter Free This license can be changed to any of the six Core Licences listed above - but then you cannot change back Chatter External This license can be changed to Chatter Free or any of the six Core Licences listed above - but then you cannot change back Customer Community Licenses: You can transition users between these four Customer Community type licences, but you can't transition from th

Copying data to Salesforce Sandboxes using TalenD

A common problem with Salesforce Developer Sandboxes is that they are blank. Really you're going to want some data in there, so there are various strategies for copying data from your live instance to the Sandbox. There are some paid-for solutions - SFXOrgData , Salesforce Partial Data Sandboxes - but if you've got a decent ETL tool you can build your own. There are a bunch of free ETL tools for Salesforce: JitterBit Data Loader is good for quick ad-hoc tasks but the free version makes it difficult to manage specific ETL projects or share projects with other users Pentaho Community Edition - an open source edition of the enterprise version Apatar was a free open source Salesforce ETL which still works but development seems to have stopped since 2011 TalenD Open Studio is an open source ETL tool For the task of copying data from live to a Sandbox, either Pentaho or TalenD Open Studio could be used, depending on preference. Here's a good comparison of the dif