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Salesforce and Dynamics CRM pricing for Charities

Currently I'm working on two separate projects for two different charities - one of them implementing Dynamics CRM, the other implementing Salesforce. As I've said before , the two systems are surprisingly similar in philosophy and features, but there are some differences. Probably the most important one to discuss is price. Both Salesforce and Dynamics CRM offer steep discounts for Charities and Not-for-Profits. This graph of total cost per month versus no of users sums it up: Broadly this shows that Salesforce is actually cheaper (or free) for small numbers of users, although when you get to more than about 16 or 17 users Dynamics CRM Online works out cheaper. The estimated charity price for the imminent new release of Dynamics CRM Online is also shown, but this has not been confirmed yet (see below). This graph hides a lot of the nuances though, so here's a more thorough discussion Salesforce pricing for Charities Salesforce is very clear about its Charit