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The new Dynamics CRM UI that no one is using (yet)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been around since 2003, shortly after .NET launched in 2002, which incidentally makes Dynamics CRM one of the oldest, and largest .NET applications in existence. Looking back at its previous versions , its UI design was largely built around Outlook, and the general Windows Forms paradigm, even though running CRM in a browser has always been an option. The idea seems to have been "lets make it look like a Windows Forms app", hence the browser toolbar is hidden from most windows (so no Back button) and there a a lot of use of pop-up dialogs. Back in 2003, an application that ran in a browser but behaved like a Windows Forms app would have seemed like a good idea - people were familiar with Windows Forms. But in 2013, its entirely the other way round - people are used to web apps, use them every day, and the Dynamics CRM approach of 'multiple windows and no back button' is counter intuitive. Using the current version of Dynamics CRM 2011, i