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Scribe Adapter for Web Services and complex structures

If you're looking at migrating data into Salesforce or Dynamics CRM then Scribe Insight is one of your options. Its an integration system like SSIS and many others but its known for its particularly good support for cloud CRM systems. Scribe Insight has various 'adapters' that lets it connect to different data sources/targets. One of the interesting ones is the Scribe Adapter for Web Services (SAFWS). It allows you to connect to an arbitrary web service and then push or pull data to/from it. Can it pull data from any web service? That would be hard to achieve, and indeed it does have some limitations - here's a few that I encountered: It doesn't like .NET DataSets Despite Scott Hanselman's assertion that Returning DataSets from WebServices is the Spawn of Satan and Represents All That Is Truly Evil in the World , sometimes you do encounter web services that do, er, return DataSets. Imagine you've got a strongly typed DataSet with several tables