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CharityHack 2012

Last weekend was my fourth Charity Hackathon of the year, CharityHack 2012 . The CharityHack series started in 2009 and is sponsored by PayPal , JustGiving , MissionFish (aka PayPal Giving Fund) and PlayMob .Whereas some of the hackathons I've been to this year were actually organised by charities, CharityHack had more a feel of "people who work in the private sector doing a hack for charities". Not that there weren't charity people there, but the general make-up of the crowd was different. Nick Aldridge of MissionFish had some great slides about the UK Charity sector as a whole. This one shows the various types of entity that qualify for Charity status - The bubble saying 'General Charities' being the ones people normally associate with 'charity': (graphic originally from NCVO's UK Civil Society Almanac ) From the General Charities, Nick noted that large charities are actually very rare: Only 0.3% have over £10m income per year 15%