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jQuery multiselect widgets

While working on CrissCross I've experimented with various different jQuery MultiSelect widgets. That is, web page controls that let users easily select multiple items from a list - here's a quick round up: Eric Hynds jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget Description ... Demos ... GitHub This one is rendered as a DropDown and I think overall its my favourite,  it has ThemeRoller support and there is an extra plugin that lets users do a search within the list. Here's what it looks like while 'dropped down': Quasipartikel jQuery UI Multiselect Description ... Blogpost ... GitHub This one renders as a 'two listbox' layout and also has ThemeRoller support. Looks like this: Odyniec selectList Description ... Demos ... GitHub This one has an ingenious design that makes it a lot more lightweight than the ones above. With large lists (> 500 items) and slow browsers (IE6,IE7,IE8) the multiselects above can take a long time to render, simply b