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Setting up S#arp Architecture 1.6 for VS 2008

The latest S#arp architecure is 1.9 something, rapidly heading towards 2.0, and all targeted at VS2010. But if you're using VS 2008, you'll have to use S#arp Architecture v1.6, which was the last version targeting VS 2008. But its best to use Templify to setup your solution, which is something they built especially for S#arp 2.0 but now has a retrofitted template for 1.6. (NB: setup instructions for the latest S#arp seem to be in their wiki, here ) So, here's the steps to get S#arp 1.6 working from a vanilla Visual Studio 2008 install: Install MVC 2 Install .NET Framework 4 (not needed for S#arp 1.6, but is needed for Templify) Install T4Toolbox Install Templify Download from the S#arp github site Unzip the package and run copy-package.cmd to copy the Templify template to the right place Make a folder somewhere Right click on the folder and select 'Templify Here' Select the "SharpArchitec