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FlashDevelop, Flex and Balloons

Last year I realised that it was possible to build Flash games using free software - The free IDE FlashDevelop and the free Abobe Flex 3.3 SDK . I finished about 80% of a little flash game, re-using graphics from an old Acorn Archimedes game I wrote about 15 years ago. I was going to add proper menus and music to this, but a year later I still haven't so I guess I'll just abide by the 80/20 rule and post it anyway. Click here to play 'balloonatic' : )

Salesforce as an ORM

To me, Salesforce is not a very attractive word. It basically conjures up an image of an army of salespeople, weilding laptops and software-enhanced selling skills. What could be less appealing than that? But having used their system for a bit, and written code for it, I'm starting to like it. It also helps that they have a charity-foundation wing that sells the software to not-for-profits on a not-for-profit basis. They way the object/database mapping is handled in Salesforce is pretty interesting, compared to, say, a C# program that uses Entity Framework or NHibernate or Linq-to-Sql to talk to a SQL Server. So this blog post is sort of about that. But first, a bit of background: Salesforce is SaaS on a PaaS Salesforce is a ready built Software-as-a-Service CRM, but it runs on their more generic Platform-as-a-Service. This means its very customizable because you can take the Salesforce CRM as a starting point but then pretty much develop anything you want. (Or, y