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Asus EcoBook and Used Laptops

The Asus EcoBook was paraded at various tech shows last year, and it's pretty exciting: As well as the bamboo casing, it also features other green design ideas such as a stiffened cardboard components enclosure, and recyclable plastic parts that are correctly labelled so they get recycled in the right way. Apparently its manufacture also avoids the use of harmful paints or sprays, and there is no electroplating on its circuit boards. The bamboo casing can also be laser-etched with decorative patterns (see right). To prove the systems robustness, Asus sent one up with an Everest expedition. According to , it was due to be launched sometime in June this year, but that hasn't happened yet. Its great to see an apparently genuine green laptop coming onto the market, but this might also be a good time to remember the three Rs: Reduce -> Reuse -> Recycle They are in that order for a reason - reducing resource usage is best, followed by reusing resources, followed by